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Your Weight Room. Reimagined.

Your Weight Room.Reimagined.

Technology that eliminates distractions and delivers real results.

The Future

OF Training

Cameras seamlessly mounted to your racks enhance your workouts without detracting from them.

No strings. No hassle. Just results.

Instant Feedback

to Optimize Training

See performance in real time. Use instant velocity and power output feedback to optimize training intensity and volume.

Profile your athletes, train for specific adaptations, compare your daily performance to historical performance, and stay on track.


your data

Perch makes it easy to collect data in every workout. Leverage this data using the web app to learn and improve.


Data Seamlessly

  • Effortless

    Quantify athlete power and velocity with cameras. No strings, no wearables, no hassle.

  • Versatile

    Quick installation, no calibration, small enough for travel.

  • Adaptable

    Outfit any weight rack or weight room in minutes. Works with all existing equipment.


With Value Feedback

  • Educate

    Teach with immediate feedback.

  • Regulate

    Use velocity to determine loads to optimize and individualize workouts.

  • Compete

    Enhance the weight room environment by facilitating competition.


Historical Data

  • Visualize trends

    Effortlessly view historical data and track athlete progress.

  • Increase awareness

    Monitor readiness and accumulated fatigue via longitudinal trends.

  • Profile your athletes

    Focus and improve on areas of weakness.

Optimized performance

Teams. Military. Facilities. Individuals.

Wherever you lift, whatever your goals.

Manage outcomes and Improve Performance






Perch has fit seamlessly into our training program. Their products are well designed, have a minimalist footprint, and are extremely user friendly. There is no question that Perch has raised the LSU standard of performance.
Tommy Moffitt
LSU Football
Perch gives us a competitive advantage and a chance to improve performance. Perch makes it easier for us as coaches to obtain specific data for better development through our way of training athletes.
Rogelio Lopez
OC Fitness Co
Perch has helped our Performance Staff provide accurate and immediate feedback to our operators. It is user-friendly platform allows us to streamline the training session without the hassle of cables, clips, batteries, and missed data collection. Perch is leading the way for velocity based training with their training platform.
HP Advisor
With Perch, I am able to regulate loads and stay safe and healthy at home. My son gets to train with me to get stronger and more explosive too!
Nick F.
Home Gym

Delivering results based
on science. Not hype.



Perch Uses 3D Cameras Attached To Weight Racks To Help Athletes Train Smarter

Perch enables Velocity Based Training (VBT), which allows coaches to put these unknowns (sleep, nutrition, work load, etc) in a black box and utilize velocity as a feedback mechanism. VBT improves safety, preventing athletes from lifting weight that is too heavy for a given day. Perch is providing an affordable, accurate, reliable, and easy-to-use system that every coach and athlete can utilize to realize the benefits of velocity based training.

18 February 2021

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Perch Looks to Reinvent the Rack with Smart Tech

The Perch module attaches to just about any rack and users can sign into their accounts from a tablet, which is also attached to the rack and Perch module. Perch then films and tracks every rep, allowing both athletes and coaches to analyze the workout, while also refining future workouts.

18 February 2021

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These exercise startups are sweating it out

A digital camera sees the world in three dimensions and follows the movement of the barbell the user is lifting. One important measure is velocity — the speed of each lift. The system can spot the difference between “strong and explosive” motions, or someone who is “barely completing his reps.” Future versions of Perch’s system, he says, will be able to track not just barbells but other items used in workouts, like medicine balls and kettle bells.

18 February 2021

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Meet the 10 startups in Techstars NYC’s summer 2018 class

Perch aims to improve physical training and coaching by installing a camera and tablet, which is mounted on gym equipment to track and display data like number of reps and velocity. It’s currently targeting college and professional teams, and plans to expand to commercial and home gyms.

13 February 2021

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LSU football's new power play: How strength AND speed is giving a true measure of Tigers

When compared to the technology the LSU strength program was previously using, the Perch device will allow LSU to have one of the most efficient and effective velocity-based training programs in college athletics. There's a culture of staying on the cutting edge within the LSU athletic department.

12 February 2021

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Perch, A Techstars Startup, Is Lifting The $30 Billion Fitness Industry To New Heights

"Our hope is that with Perch, we can begin to build the foundation for "smart gyms" or gyms with equipment that has our technology installed into it, so that from the moment you walk in to when you walk out, you can get comprehensive data on your workout performance so you can improve in your next session," Rothman says.

12 February 2021

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LSU Is Winning the Weight-Room Arms Race With Real-Time Data

Three weeks after Perch installed units on each of the 22 weight racks at LSU’s indoor football facility on Oct. 1, Tigers coach Ed Orgeron said he noticed differences in his team’s performance on the field. “I think our guys are stronger and quicker and faster,” he said in late October. “I think as the season goes on, there’s not as many injuries this year as there were in years’ past and that’s because of our strength and conditioning.”

12 February 2021

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LSU Football Strength Coach Tommy Moffitt Recaps First Week of Workouts, How Technology Has Helped in Return

Technology like Perch allows coaches and athletes to determine the speed of movement in real time and adjust the weight or exercise accordingly. "Using the velocity-based system we have, Perch, we knew all of the sets and all of the reps and all of the velocities the guys were doing before we left."

12 February 2021

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