Eyes where you need them most.



Use camera vision and machine learning to effortlessly quantify athlete power, velocity, bar path, and more.



Rapidly attach to any weight rack in minutes.



No strings. No wearables. No disruption to your weight room workflow.

Maximize every rep.



Instantaneous feedback on every rep.



Use velocity to optimize and individualize workouts.



Workout as a group and facilitate competition with custom leaderboards.

See more while doing less.


Improved awareness

Effortlessly view historical data and video.


Actionable insights

Analysis and reports of daily and longitudinal trends.


Paperless workouts

Upload workout cards for athletes to view in the weightroom.

Perched on the rack, not your wrist.

Perch System

Rugged velcro straps secure Perch to any weight rack, enabling easy installation.

Comptable with any standard power rack.

3D Camera records everything during the workout, rotating to keep the athlete in frame.

Connection ports for power and tablet charging.

Encased in a single small, sleek, and protective housing.

Use any tablet to view real-time feedback.

Camera vision enables the world’s first functional fitness technology.

Strength in simplicity.

Strap to a rack.

Sign in.

Move heavy things fast.

See results.

Improve strength. Reduce injury. Save time.

Effortless data collection. Quantify velocity, power, and bar path.


Optimize workouts, regulate training loads, and monitor fatigue.


See more. Observe and record every athlete's quality of movement during and after workouts.


Predict performance and analyze trends.


Spend more time with your athletes, while we analyze the data.

Don't just take our word for it...

Darcy Gould

Darcy Gould

Associate Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Boston University

With Perch I have the potential to teach athletes how to create sport specific power output while in the weight room. It enables them to feel and see the power they produce. When an athlete is able to grasp how to create power in a controlled environment they will be able to replicate it in competition.

Micah Kurtz

Micah Kurtz

Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, AC Flora High School

As athletic development and technology continually evolve I’m always looking for new ways to maximize my athletes’ potential. Perch is extremely intriguing because it shows the potential to become an efficient, affordable and portable method to quantify my athletes strength, power and movement quality.

Tex Mcquilkin

Tex Mcquilkin

Strength and Conditioning Coach, Power Athlete

Velocity based training is the future and Perch has an amazing product. SPEED IS KING, especially with all of Power Athlete's programs.

Michael Hill

Michael Hill

Director of Sports Performance, Georgetown University

Perch measures what coaches can't, motivating athletes and educating the coaching staff in a way that's nonintrusive, affordable, and effective.

Harry Dorrell

Harry Dorrell

PHD Candidate, University of Lincoln

Velocity based training (VBT) is a valuable practice within strength and conditioning because it provides researchers, coaches, and athletes with instantaneous feedback, promoting performance output, while monitoring fatigue. The development of exciting new products, such as Perch, has driven the application of VBT to the forefront of strength and conditioning.

The future of fitness data collection.

Perch tracks bar position, orientation, and path to help perfect lifting form.

Perch will soon be able to track everything in the weight room. Including kettle bells, dumbells, biomechanics, and more.

Perch enables the truly paperless gym with passive data collection.

Perch is looking for coaches and trainers to join the nest!

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