Velocity Based Training

No Strings Attached
Cameras effortlessly quantify weight room performance without detracting from it.
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How the best get better

“Perch has fit seamlessly into our training program. Their products are well designed, have a minimalist footprint, and are extremely user friendly. There is no question that Perch has raised the LSU standard of performance.”

Tommy Moffitt
Director of Strength and Conditioning
LSU Football

“Perch has been an incredible asset for us. It has created a more competitive lifting environment as well as allowed us to easily collect data, track student-athlete workouts, and program more efficiently.”

Noel Durfey
Director of Strength and Conditioning
Duke Football

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Velocity based training without compromise

Seamless data collection


Quantify athlete power and velocity with cameras. No strings, no wearables, no hassle.


Quick installation, no calibration, small enough for travel.


Outfit any weight rack or weight room.

Valuable Feedback


Teach intent with immediate feedback.


Use velocity to determine loads to optimize and individualize workouts.


Enhance the weight room environment by facilitating competition.

Actionable insights

Analyze trends

Effortlessly view historical data and track athlete progress.

Increase awareness

Monitor athlete readiness and accumulated fatigue via longitudinal trends.

Profile your athletes

Focus and improve on areas of weakness.
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Your weight room. Reimagined.


The future of training. Now.

Cameras seamlessly mounted to your racks enhance your workouts without detracting from them.
No strings. No hassle. Just results.

Actionable insights

Save time

Install once, Get stronger every day. Eliminate the time required during and after workouts needed by other devices.

Autoregulate year round

A streamlined experience in the weight room means you can monitor athletes in every workout. Every set, every rep, every athlete. Form a complete picture in and out of season.

Reduce Repairs

Hardware that sits out of the way. No strings, no wearables, no contact with your athletes. This means less risk of damage and more up time.

MIT Engineered

Perch is committed to producing quality products that continue to get better over time.

Product specifications

Designed to handle the demands of the weight room in every way. A small footprint maintains the aesthetic of your weight room and makes installation quick. A solid metal housing protects the camera from external damage. A variety of power options are available because we think your weight room is perfect the way it is.
Built for the weight room. Sturdy aluminum and plastic housing
Minimal footprint. 5 lbs, 9” x 4” x 7”
Captures the whole platform. 15-20 ft of range
12 volt, 2 amp.
Supplied power cable or
Perch's external battery pack

No Rack, No problem

Perch has been designed to meet a variety of needs and work in a diverse set of environments. College weight rooms, weightlifting gyms, or garage gyms. Set on the ground, or a box. Seamless integration. Powerful data.

Instant feedback. Optimized training.

Use the tablet app to login, receive immediate feedback, and view historical data.

Streamlined Login

Select weight and exercise. Log in athletes within seconds. Designed for the pace of the weight room. Spend time under the bar, instead of in front of a screen.


See performance in real time. Use instant velocity and power output feedback to optimize training intensity and volume. Profile your athletes, and train for specific adaptations.

View and compare historical data

Compare your daily performance with past sessions. Compete with yourself and others. Remain educated to focus on improving performance.

Leverage your data

Perch makes it easy to collect data in every workout. Leverage this data using the web app to learn and improve.

Manage your organization

Create and edit users. Organize your users into teams and groups. Use your organizational structure to manipulate data and organize real time competitions in the weight room.

Export and analyze

Perch makes it easy to collect data on every athlete and every rep. Export this data to create reports and generate actionable insights.


Leverage velocity based training and real time feedback to create additional intent in the weight room. Use this to your advantage by organizing competitions through the web app. Effortlessly display them on any weight room TV.

Data collection as it should be

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Get Started with Velocity Based Training

Get Started with Velocity Based Training

A crash course in Velocity Based Training (VBT), we are introducing a lot of concepts, skirting the surface of them, and laying the ground work for what is to come. While this post may seem like it bounces around, we promise all will make sense soon. Stay with us as we explore all avenues that lead to and from VBT!
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Common VBT Programming Methods

Many hundred page textbooks have been written time and again on strength training and programming, yet very few manuals exist on Velocity Based Training specifically. We are trying to bridge the gap between the vast amount of knowledge out in the world with regards to lifting weights, and hope to provide some clarity on what VBT is, how to periodize with it, and how to program with it.
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Periodization and Programming with VBT

This is nothing new as far as periodization for strength training goes. Ultimately, velocity based training is no harder to conceptualize into an overall training plan than traditional percentage based training.
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Brain Gains This Way
“When implemented in our team setting, Perch is seamless. The immediate feedback increases the energy and intent of the prescribed movements. This provides a snapshot of the athletes’ nervous system and enables us to prescribe loads for a desired training stimulus.”
Dan Hicker
Head of Athletic Performance
San Jose Earthquakes

“Instant feedback takes the guesswork out of determining proper training loads. Perch is easy to use and easy to install. With no attachments, we smoothly transition from athlete to athlete.”

Robert Harris
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
University of Kentucky Basketball
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