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Baseball and VBT
GETTING STARTED WITH VELOCITY BASED TRAINING Coach Brandon Golden was a performance coach in baseball for many years. He formerly was an assistant strength coach at East Carolina University, then with the Dodgers organization in the MLB, and is now with Future Fit. Brandon learned about velocity based training while at St. John’s University and … Continue reading Baseball and VBT
Hebron Christian Academy
GETTING STARTED WITH VELOCITY BASED TRAINING At Hebron Christian Academy, Coach Spencer Arnold had to find a way to bring velocity based training technology into the weight room in a way that was safe for the student but also gave him really accurate data. In his words “Perch is a beautiful marriage between those two. … Continue reading Hebron Christian Academy
Major League Soccer
GETTING STARTED WITH VELOCITY BASED TRAINING Daniel Hicker is a Head Athletic Performance coach in Major League Soccer. He formerly worked for the San Jose Earthquakes FC and is currently with the Columbus Crew FC. Daniel has been incorporating sports technology since starting in college coaching in 2012. In 2014, he was coaching with the … Continue reading Major League Soccer

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