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Covid-19 has changed the fitness landscape. In response, Perch has created the Aviary Program: Designed to develop our technology used by elite athletic and military organizations for the powerlifter, crossfitter and weekend warrior.

Join the Aviary Program.

Perch is looking for select individuals to join the Aviary Program. You will get exclusive access
to Perch products, the same products used by LSU, University of Kentucky and the NY Giants.

Together, we will build the ultimate home gym training tool designed for the individual that
loves to lift, loves to work, and loves to smash PRs.

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You’re At Home.

Perch Can Meet You There.

  • Regulate

    Regulate intensity and volume to make up for stresses outside of your workouts!

  • Measure

    Establish baselines and measure your progress!

  • Optimize

    Optimize training and prevent overtraining by tracking fatigue and progress!

  • Compete

    Enhance Motivation through intent, competition, and immediate biofeedback!

  • Improve Safety

    Improve Safety train yourself, your kids, and your family with precision. Push your limits without pushing too far.

Technology Optimized

for Individuals

  • Compete

    Enhance motivation through immediate feedback and data collection. Compete with yourself.

  • Improve Performance

    Train with precision to perform at your best inside and outside of your weight room

  • Enhance Safety

    Train yourself, your kids, and your family with increased safety. Push your limits without pushing too far.

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How the Best

Get Better.

LSU’s Weight Room. The Phillies Facility. Your Gym. Use the same technology used by the best athletes in the world. Continue to progress and hit your goals. Perch is how the best get better.

Financing with

Finance Perch

Getting stronger faster has never been easier. Get the most out of your training with Perch.

Starting at

No money down


For 18 months


APR Financing Options Available

Finance Perch with Affirm for as Low as $99 / month or $270 / month with 0% APR. Based on the full price of
$1495 for a Perch camera system. Current pricing is for Aviary program members only. Subject to credit check and approval.
Learn more at


I want to train my family, can I have multiple user profiles?

Yep! You can add up to 5 unique profiles and add your family members into the Perch app to help track their data and progress

Is there a limit to how many users I can log in at one time?

Perch doesn’t have a cap on number of users on a singular device, your individual user profile typically caps out at 5 profiles, but reach out to a team member if you need more!

How will I be able to access my data?

Perch is a cloud-based system. All of your data will be able to be viewed on your tablet, though most easily seen and organized in your web application. From there, you can look at individual profiles, or export any and all data through our robust export feature.

Does Perch Track Bar Path?

Perch tracks the position of the barbell in 3D space. However, we have decided not to prioritize building a way for you to visualize or export the path of the barbell. In short, our system has the capability of tracking bar path and we will soon give you access to it.

What metrics does Perch Track?

Perch tracks sets, reps, peak velocity, mean velocity, peak power, mean power, eccentric mean velocity, and eccentric time. More to come!

Do I need a weight rack to use Perch?

Perch can work on the ground or on the weight rack – depending on your facility needs. The camera is on a motor and has 140+ Degrees of rotation, make sure you calibrate your camera, wherever it lives, to track accurate data!

What is the Aviary Program?

The Aviary Program is designed to develop our technology (used by elite athletic and military organizations) for the powerlifter, crossfitter and weekend warrior alike! Members of the Perch Aviary Program will get exclusive access and discounts for Perch products for continued product feedback. Together, we will build the ultimate home gym training tool designed for the individual that loves to lift, loves to work, and loves to smash PRs.

Does Perch come with a monthly subscription?

Yep! In order to continue updating the product for your enhanced experience, store the data and deliver real time metrics, we charge a small monthly fee per camera.

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